How to persist data from API in intuilab and what is the maximum memory limit of in memory application data?



We have a requirement to persist/sync data from API. Is it possible to update it to local db like sqlite that can be packaged to app? Or is there any other mechanism to persist data and image? We want this solution to work in both windows and kiosks.

We did check this link
But in this data is persisted only when the application is live and not on relaunch. Do we have a solution that caches data/images across launches?

Any response/solutions would be really helpful.


Hi @intuilab1,

Although we are working on caching the responses of REST Interface Assets requests, this will still need a first connection to retrieve the data.

In your case, a first solution could be to store your data in Excel files. These are local & persistent data that can be packaged within the experience. Once run on the device/kiosk, all the content can be local.

A more advanced solution would indeed be to create your own Interface Asset to retrieve the data using your API then store it with the solution of your choice.

  • on Windows, a .NET IA can let you access any kind of local database.
  • on other platforms, a JavaScript IA is a bit more limited but you can still write the data in local files using the IntuiFace factory (ex: JSON files).

IntuiFace currently doesn’t provide a way to access sqlite data bases on tablets / kiosks.