How to pause/resume Asset Flow where I left off?

I create an asset flow with some images in one scene. Then I create some transparent buttons over the images to use as a trigger to go to other scenes. Then I create corresponding triggers to get back to Scene 1. Now what happens is that the Asset Flow in Scene 1 resets every time I return to Scene 1. What I want to happen is the Asset Flow to resume where I left off.

How do I do that?

You should disable “Reset all asset properties” option on the scene containing your Asset Flow.
This approach will not work with an Asset Grid as it doesn’t have an index in focus property.

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Ah, super! Works! Thanks so much, @Mihai

@Mihai - I am wanting to have the same thing happen (picking up where the viewer left off) with an Asset Grid. You said that the “approach” would not work with an Asset Grid, but is it impossible then to do so at all with an Asset Grid?

Hi Andrew,

An idea is to store the Asset Grid’s “scroll offset” value in a Global Variable Interface Asset (when AssetGrid is scrolled set the global variable with the value of the scroll offset)., then on scene enter call the scroll to offset action and get the stored value from the Global Variable. Please let me know if you need more details.