How to link a .txt or doc or HTML file to display lots of text info?

I have made a template and i was planning to use XL to bind different components . But I need to display alot of information also should be made into template .
Is it possible to use XL to point it to some .txt or .doc or even an html file so the text can be displayed

Why not just use excel for it all? you can use a scrollable html field to display all content. I’ve also used a "popup"style window to display more where you have a LOT of content.

I concur, using directly Excel to store text content is a good way to go.

Also remember that you can have your Text Asset adapt font size and automatically display scroll bar if needed, based on text length.

will paragraphs, newlines, indents etc work by just copying text to xl sheet and using that?
I have made progress in doing this , i have used a web browser inside my template and pointed it to an xl with the url to my html document. But i have doubt if this approach may slow down the loading.

New lines and tabulations will be available as they’re considered special characters. Formatting won’t be interpreted.

If you need formatting, you can use a Rich Text Asset that will be lighter than using a web browser asset.