How to get a value from a Data Tracking Asset?

I want to set a text asset to a value from a Data Tracking asset?
these are the values i put into my Data Tracking asset:
event name = Selected
param1 = CallOfDuty
value = true
How do I set my text to the value into the Data Tracking Asset?
Can I use Property Binding?

Hi @jason_bullen,

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do with the text asset here.

If you’re trying to use the content of the Text asset as a value for your param1, yes you can use a property binding here. => Reading content from a text asset’s text property.

If you’re trying to write into the text asset the value of your “log event” param1 (“true” in your example), then you need to call a second action in addition to your log event: “Set Text” on the text asset, then set the parameter with the same value you used in your “log event action”. => Writing content into a text asset.

Let me know if one of those answer your question or if I completely missed your point :slight_smile:


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