How to ... filter an excel-table with input of IA «Clock» date and time

Hi everybody
New Year, new goals … :slight_smile:
it looks like or it is a beginners-question … but I struggle with … I try to filter an excel-table to see records that are not already passed by - controlled by date and time. I managed to filter the table by date of IA-Clock. I always tried to use the formated short-date-info from the Clock, but that didn’t work until I tried without formating … that helped. But I can’t manage to add another filter based on Clocks Long-time-Info … Does Excel delivers the time-formated Cell in another special way?
Greez, Mike C.

Hi Mike and Happy New Year!

Working with date & time with Excel is not an easy thing, so no, it’s not a beginners question :wink:
The best thing to do here would be to send your XP / Excel file to our support team so they can look into it. You can contact them directly here.

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Hi Seb

Same to you - a very Happy and hopefully much better New Year … :slight_smile:
OK, glad to hear that … I’m going to contact the support team this morning …

Thanks Seb

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