How to enter Refresh Time Parameters in HCMS?

Hi, Does anyone know how to enter the value for the Refresh Time parameters in the HCMS? I’ve an API in my experience and would like to be able to change the Refresh Time in the API from the HCMS but I do not know how to bind the value or enter the right parameters for the Refresh Time. I have created a Variable for the refresh time in HCMS but I do not know the format that I need to enter since this is a time value. I tried 00:02 or 00:00:02 and it does not bind it. I believe my format parameter is wrong.Can anyone help?

Manage to figure out a solution to my problem. When I enter the value 00:00:02 in the HCMS, somehow it does not bind with the Refresh Time. Not sure why. So what I did was to create a Global Variable and bind the value from the HCMS, then I will bind the Refresh Time (API Explorer) to the Global Variable. Even though there is an extra step but at least it works.

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Hi @dev1

After further investigation, I think the issue comes from the fact your HCMS base isn’t fully loaded when the binding is evaluated.

A more simple and elegant way to solve your issue is to simply put a Trigger/Action on your HCMS base in order to set the Refresh Time once the base is synchronized.

Something like this:

WHEN “sync completed” on your HCMS Base

  • Set Refresh Time with binding to the value stored in HCMS
  • Set Automatic Refresh to True



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