How to embed html files locally so it is available online

How to embed HTML file locally so it is available online.


Hi George,

I would recommend reading this we page

But to simply add a local file specify the file on the local file system followed by the extension for example… Html and paste it into the browser default address bar.


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Dear Louie,

Thanks for the reply. I have done this but when it is deployed and shared. There is a connection error with a message “Unable to connect” when it is played in a different system.


You could try excel, put the file path into an excel sheet and bind it. Then put the html files into the root folder of the excel file asset.

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Thanks Melvyn. I am new to intuiface. How to bind excel file? Can you give me one example.


Dear Melvyn,
I am trying embed Quick time vr files. Which has got good number of files. Should i have to put all link address in the excel.


Hi George, quicktime Vr I am guessing you have them into webpages, if that is the case it is much easier.