How to delete entire row from one excel sheet and update same data in another excel sheet?

How to delete entire row from one excel sheet and update the same data in other excel sheet i could achieve this but intuiface refreshes every time i delete and add rows in excel ? is there any thing which i can do which will intuiface doesn’t refreshes …


I don’t understand why you would like to be able to delete a row without refreshing the data. Could you please precise your scenario?

BTW, you can use the add row action on a Excel sheet B to copy the data from an sheet A before calling the delete row action on sheet A.


It’s a scenario like a shopping cart add or remove item that should reflect in main experience… but add remove are given only to admin so i’m taking a data from excel sheet if i delete the row the whole experience gets refreshed and all slices will come to shown property…

Hi Rakesh,

It’s still unclear to us, so let me try to rephrase it and tell me if I’m right.

You would like to “temporarily” delete a row, or disable it, or make it unavailable for selection in an Excel spreadsheet but without losing the information. At the same time, this row data should be copied somewhere else, either another Excel spreadsheet or an Interface Asset like the Shopping List.
If this is right, maybe a solution could be for you to add a column “Is available” in the original Excel file and change the values from true to false when you want to “disable” the item. Bind something in the data template like a transparent overlay on this property to show the difference.

Hi Seb,

There are 2 screens
1st screen it’s for Customers where there is no admin rights they can just view the composition that’s it.
2nd screen it’s for admin who decides what should be there in Customer panel right now i need to make completely certain compositions to be unavailable in customer screen but it should show in admin panel to add in future how do i achieve this if you don’t get it from here i can send you project files.

Hi Rakesh,

I confirm my last proposal should work for you. In your Excel file, add a column Is Selected that you set to true / false from the admin panel, using the update cell action;
On the user side, apply a filter on the data source to display only elements which have been selected by the admin.