How to create Hub-Navigation with dynamic movement?

Hi there,

I would like to implement a special navigation menu for my kiosk application. The idea is known from tangible navigations, where an object is placed on the screen and a corresponding menu appears.

The application starts, a bubble appears and when you tap on this bubble, smaller statellites will be extended which are connected to the main bubble by lines (hub navigation). The special thing should be a kind of “wiggle” effect on the satellites, which should always move a little. The endpoints of the connecting lines have to move with the satellites.

When the main bubble is moved, the satellites should also move, but with some delay and then “wiggle” elastically. What is the best way to implement this with Intuiface?

Stats-wise i could nest all elements in a “Free” container - but how do i realize dynamic movements?
Unfortunately i’m not allowed to upload things, otherwise i would be able to share a rough visual concept of my idea…

Thanks for your input.

Hi @delia and welcome to the Intuiface community.

The kind of animation you are referring to (wiggle, delay, …) is usually handled by a physics engine to handle laws of elasticity, collision, gravity, mass of objects, etc…
At the moment, Intuiface doesn’t offer such an engine so if you really need this kind of animations, I’d suggest looking into custom HTML / JavaScript solution and embed it through our HTML Frame asset or Web Browser asset.

Hey Seb,
thank you for your explanation. I thought about something like a scripting engine which is available in after effects. But anyways - thank you for this hint. I’ll try setting up a HTML / JavaScript prototype.

@delia maybe you could create gif animations of the buttons you want and use those, then just put them into a group with a transparent button over that group