How to create custom close button for maximized asset

Hi. I need to know how to create a custom close button for an asset. The situation:

I have PDF documents within asset flow that pop into a maximized state when touched.

Our presentation is displayed on a large wall-mounted monitor and the default close button, in the upper right corner, is difficult for even our tallest people to reach. I would like to create a custom button that I can place near the bottom of the screen.

Ideally, this close button would only appear when each document is in its maximized state.

I am having a difficult time figuring out what combo of triggers or actions would accomplish this; there is no action that will simply close a maximized document that I can find! Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Kim,

For what you’re trying to achieve, the trick would be not to use the “tap item to open” property from your collection because there are not way to target a newly created instance in your scene.

The way to go is:

  • disable “tap to open” on your collection
  • create a group containing:
    • an empty document asset
    • a button that hides this group
  • on each element of your collection, set a trigger/action that will:
    • change the source of the empty document from the group with the one of the tapped element of the collection
    • show the group

It’s only a few minutes to set up and if you’re using an Excel file as data feed for your documents, it’s even faster. I just made a quick sample, feel free to dig in. (20Mb)



This was exactly what I needed! Many thanks for the detailed information. I have not tried using Excel as a data feed but I will review this as an option for future needs.