How to create a typewriter effect

Typewriter effect

I’d like to share a quick trick to create a typewriter effect in Intuiface. The goal is to reveal a string of text, one letter at a time, at a specific cadence.
This demo takes advantage of:

  • Excel IA to determine the length of a string
  • Text Manipulation IA to progressively extract a longer substring
  • A timer to define the cadence

Download the Typerwriter Effect XP here. Enjoy!

[EDIT Intuiface]
Version without Excel formula but custom script converter. Requires Composer Premier or Enterprise.
Typerwriter Effect - (6.2 MB)


Yeah, very nice! :tada:

For your information, you can even get rid of the Excel length part by using a custom Converter with just this little piece of javascript:

I’ll try to reuse this with a typewriter font like one of these :wink:

meraviglioso! :it: :+1:



Ah the custom converter and the right font, good ideas. Thanks @Alex!

This is awesome @tosolini thanks for sharing!


Hi Paolo @tosolini!

That is a great usage of the Text Manipulation Interface Asset!!

I can’t help but agree with @Alex on simplifying your XP with a Custom Script converter instead of using an Excel file to compute the text length. I added this version to your original post for those who are interested :wink:


I feel that the Custom Script Converter is one of those gems that can give a lot of satisfaction if you know a bit of Javascript. Thanks for simplifying my XP even further @seb