How to create a 3D Timeline


I’d like to share a new UI experiment that leverages bindings to a variety of image properties in order to simulate a 3D timeline. I was inspired by the UI of the Magic Leap Augmented Reality goggles, which showed multiple screens moving across the Z axis. So I spent a few hours to see if I could recreate something similar in Intuiface using bindings to a scrolling collection and custom converters.

Here is the Composer project if you want to play with it: (13MB)


You. Are. THE MAN! :smiley:


WT… scratching my head

My busy-monday-brain can’t figure out how you did that just by watching the GIF, so I’ll have to download your XP to dig into it.

[Edit] after looking into the XP
That’s brilliant, I’d never have thought of doing this!

Paolo, you’d learn to write just a few lines of JavaScript, you’d be a king (or what ever can be above that) among Intuiface designers :wink:


@megan @seb you are too kind, thanks.
I’d agree that learning a bit of JavaScript would help me take some XP to the next level. I’ll think about it. I still have to master APIs which are next in my list.


Very cool and super creative Paolo.