How To Binding The Excel Data From Intuiface Player

I creat a excel ‘register form’ with using intuiface player and it can work(can auto save the information to excel that submit in the intuiface composer’s play mode), but when I publish the experience and use intuiface player to submit, it can’t save to my excel so that I cannot get the register’s information from my client while he using the player to submit the form. How could I do? Thanks for answer.

Hi Haligo~

I’ll suggest that you contact our Support and share your XP for us to investigate your issue, please read this article. (However if it works on Composer, it should also work on Player, a bit strange)

A great sample you could look into - if you haven’t yet ? - for this is Concierge Kiosk, see the scene “Guestbook”.

There is also this Help center article that explains all of this ; this one.

You can also consider to send the forms to Intuiface Analytics instead of saving on a local Excel file. (The player just need to have Internet on in order to be able to send the info).
With Analytics, you could then download the info as an excel file too.
So you don’t have to manually go to the Player to retrieve the excel file.

The Concierge XP has a log event for Form Submitted, but not the parameters “Date” “Name” “Message” , you could easily add them like this ;

Then, when you download the Excel from your account ;

It will look like this

Hope that helps,


Thank You!