How to bind input field to a trigger in intuiface composer


We have a method in our c# code that takes a parameter of string type. We have loaded the interface asset in the experience successfully. What we are doing is we are scaning a QR code and passing it to c# method.

The issue is how we can bind the input text field to our method. Our method name is “HandleCodeScanned”. We want to bind it to the text filed. Screenshot is also attached. Are we doing it correctly? Thanks

the scenario is:
1: i have a input field in the experience and a single button. when i run the experience, by default the the input field should be highlighted (which is currently not)
2: data in the input field should be somehow bind with the button (which is currently not)
3: upon clicking the button, input data should be passed to c# code (which is currently not)

Hi @anza and welcome to the Intuiface community.

The “common” way to handle a barcode scanner, the code it scanned, and the processing of that code in another Interface Asset (IA) is the following

  • The barcode scanner IA has a “code scanned” trigger, that comes with the code as a parameter.
  • From that trigger, you directly call your IA’s action to process that code, passing the code as a parameter through a binding.
  • No need for text inputs in this process as the code value goes from 1 IA to another

Trigger side:

Action side, showing the binding on the trigger parameter.

From the last version of your IA that was shared with me

  • your “BarcodeScanner” doesn’t pass the “code” value as a parameter of its trigger
  • your “HandleCodeScanned” action awaits an object as a parameter, while it should only await simple properties (ex: string).

I hope that clarifies things a bit.


I have tried this, but the option to bind to a trigger parameter is not showing up when I click on the bind button for “sender”. I’ve looked through the online literature for how to to bind an action to a trigger parameter as well, but I haven’t found anything. Please share your technique for getting this binding.

Hi @cullenb,

You won’t find that trigger parameter unless your developer makes it available in his code.
That’s up to him to define what’s available to you in Composer.


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