How to add tangible object?

I wanted to make Object recognition which will open tables, information and other things using Intuiface Composer .
I need to add tangible object to my touch panel which will help me to open pictures and other stuffs, so i did use simulator but I wants to create object ID using my tangible object, so if someone know solution will help me through it.

If you would like to let us know what hardware you have I will be able to help :slight_smile:

I’m using 55inch screen touch panel

What is the manufacturer of the IR frame and you will need middleware to covert HID to Tuio events, Luckly you are talking to the best person. Drop me a PM I’ll tell you more information

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Im not actually sure about manufacturer, but i can tell 6000D series.

For me to help you I will need alittle bit more information, all I can suggest is look at the other threads but judging that most overlays don’t have “Middleware” to convert WM touch/ HID touch you will struggle to get it to work with Intuiface. Again I already have the in the middle bit done I just need you to clarify what make the overlay is.

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Xintai Touch 40 Inch IR Touch Panel / IR Touch Screen Frame/ IR Multi Touch Screen


Please can you drop me a PM we can talk further.

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