How to add new row into excel as a value not text?

Hi all,

I have a polling system with one question as a sliding scale of between 0-100%. Everytime someone submits a response I have it set to add a new row in an excel spreadsheet, but I need to display the average result from all responses.

Unfortunately it seems that when you add a new row, intuiface adds this information as text instead of a value, so my formula to figure out the overall average doesn’t work as it doesn’t recognise the information in the cell as a number.

Anyone have any idea how I can get around this? I tried setting up a new column to convert the text to a number using the VALUE formula in excel, but the new row doesn’t recognise the formula. When I apply the formula to the whole column (by the fill feature or in a default in a table) Intuiface crashes as it tries to add to the next row anyway.

Hi @peter2

For this kind of request please can you submit a support ticket to our support team, you can use this link to submit a support ticket .

From there we will be able to assist you with this type of question.

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Thanks Louie, I have done this now