How does TUOInterfaceAsset work?

Good morning everyone, this is my first post on the Intuiface forum.

I have a “3M Multi-Touch Display C5567PW” monitor and would like to add an object recogntion to the Intuiface experience. Is this possible?

I downloaded a demo of the Eyefactive program (I can build the objects myself) and it works. However, I find Eyefactive too distant from the ideas I would like to implement.
That’s why I need Intuiface…

I added the github ( ) to the Composer but I don’t understand how it works.

To understand: Eyefactive recognises triangles drawn under objects, with conductive paint. What shape does this TUIOInterfaceAsset expect to recognize?

My idea is to be able to distinguish two or more objects.
Many thanks to those who want to help me


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Hi @marino.malagnino and welcome to the Intuiface Community!

Intuiface TUIO Interface Asset will not “detect objects” or shapes on a touch screen on its own, but will listen to any object information sent over the TUIO protocol, which is a standard in object recognition.
We have been working with several partners that will provide the hardware to detect and recognize objects on a touch screen, then will send this information over TUIO to Intuiface, where you’ll be able to create your experience in Composer.
I recommend you check that article: Using tangible objects (aka Object Recognition) – Intuiface where we list these partners and provide a sample experience.



Hi Jose,

TUIO with intuiface is a bit tricky to setup, you need a TUIO bridge that will send the TUIO calls to intuiface that can listen to its calls and then trigger events.

You 3M display should have a setting that should allow for the system to send and receive TUIO messages, you can then setup intuiface to listen to these calls.


Hey @marino.malagnino

Just thought I would add onto what Melvyn has said, We currently have that “Bridge” That converts WM_Touches or HID touches and outputs them as a TUIO event, that being said within the “Bridge” we have a marker recognition system that allows you to register a marker and assign an ID. We have our middleware working on Our touchscreens, PQLABs, IRMT but we are yet to try it on a 3M screen so if you wanted me to try my magic let me know.

Here is a screenshot:

Let me know if you are interested.

Kind Regards