How do I bind text to an api interface asset text field so that it updates when moving through a carousel?



Hi, I’m trying to bind several static text fields to the text fields generated from an api interface asset (much like the rijksmuseum example) so that when scrolling through the images in a carousel the text updates for that image. It’s easy to show all the text fields at the same time as the image with the interface asset but I want to just show the images in the carousel group and have the text in one location update with the appropriate text for the image that has the index focus.

Any help much appreciated!


Hi @o.mival

You can use the Moved into focus trigger on the root element in your Carousel to call some Set text actions on yoru static texts, then fill the texts with the info coming from your data feed.

Check this webinar recording at ~15’ for more details.



Hi Seb,

Thanks for this but that only seems to set the text to the bound field’s first entry, ie it doesn’t change as the carousel is moved through.


You might have something missing then, since it should work.

Don’t hesitate to start a discussion with the support team to share your project and get additional help on this matter.



OK, I will do. Just in case I’m missing something obvious this is what I’m doing:

Asset flow collection populated with API template (4 text fields, 1 image).

Text asset to be tied to one of the text fields from the API.

Trigger set on template when “asset flow - moved into focus” then “text (target) text (category) Set text (action)” bound to one of the text fields from the Interface Asset.

When run, text asset changes to the first API text fields but then stays the same even when moving through the asset flow collection.

Am I missing something or should I continue this with the support team?