How can I filter offensive tweets?

I use intuilab for information screens at various high-level government conferences where the client has requested a twitter feed to be displayed along with the schedule and a news feed. How can I filter the twitter results to remove offensive language? Sometimes the hashtag will get hijacked by trolls and I need a way to filter. Thanks!

I haven’t played enough with the Twitter component, but I feel that you need to build some sort of admin console to select, approve and show only clean tweets. The alternative is to use a service like and embed it in Intuiface as a Web element.

Hi @matt.bittman,

I agree with Paolo @tosolini, you need an admin console as a back-end to be able to filter the tweets. I don’t know about solutions that exist on the market, but the principle would be to have your “back-office admin console” listen to the twitter feed. This would automatically / manually filter the tweets and expose them through Web Services.
Then, in IntuiFace, you can create your own Interface Asset to access this web service, as we are accessing Twitter API.

Keep us informed if you find such a solution. We could help you generate the required Interface Asset descriptors if needed.