Hosted Database and API expert wanted


The intent is as the user navigates a journey (wayfinding via mobile device) they take photos and notes from their mobile which are then linked to the individual (or device) and the location in that journey. This information and data will be written to a database for secure access by the individual. This ideally would all happen within the Intui experience with an option for a Web App to access the details/data. Can it be done? And if there is experience in the community doing this, let me know.


Hello, we are company that deals with that kind of projects.We are building API IF projects with that kind of options.

If you are intersted in hiring us, lets us know :wink:


Hi @ben1,

Just a reminder, IntuiFace currently doesn’t propose a Player for mobile devices other than tablets.
Could you tell us more about your scenario, where things happen either on an IntuiFace driven device (self-service?) vs on a user personal device that would require a mobile / web app?



Hi Seb,

Thanks for the reply. For this particular customer we are creating 4 experiences. 3 of them are fixed 1 they would like users to use on their own device.

I think lee was referring to the paid option to port the experience over to the Appstore for IOS and android.

What I need to get a handle on is what functionality os portable in this scenario. We’d be looking to use functionality such as snapshot, beacon integration and device ID and Location data.

Is this do-able in a ported fashion? If not in a tablet?


Ben Silla


The Post to store service will indeed let you package an experience with the latest version of IntuiFace Player and publish this package either to the Apple store or the Google Play store.
This application will still only be available for tablets and not on mobile phones.
All the features that are available in the player for tablets are available in the “packaged” version, so you can test your experience on the targeted devices before asking for the “Post to Store” service.

As indicated in this list of limitations, the Take a snapshot action is not available on player for tablets, thus won’t be available in the packaged version either.
Beacons and System Information are available.



Thanks Sebastien,

With regards to device info is there any way for the location information
to come from the GPS location rather than the registered IP address?