Hoe to Embed Google 360 Business View ? - Crashes Web Browser


I am trying to embed Google Interactive Business View tours in my application and when I try to embed a web browser that has a web page with the tour embedded it constantly crashes the browser inside of Composer.

I have also tried to embed an iframe in the right text html editor but that did not work.

Has anybody embedded a Google business view like this - goo.gl/gExAZ5 in their project yet?

Does anyone know how to include a Google interactive business tour?


Hi @raythorsky

I tried your URL (the complete one, not the shorten one), in a web browser in my Composer and it works well.

Can you confirm you are using the “default” style and not the “legacy” one? (see picture below)


I am on a Windows 7 PC.
The web module is set to default.
I embedded the google business view onto a page on a wordpress website.
Then pasted the page (http://kioskcondo.com/client1012/google-map-1/) into the web browser URL and I keep getting an error (See image for error occuring)

I can make a screen cast video if it would be helpful…


I tested with both URLs below

I suggest you to start a new discussion on our support site. The staff will ask you for more information there.



I have done over and over again, restarted pc, tried a new project and I keep getting error.

I have attached a screen cast video below of what I am doing.


It has worked a couple times for a very short period of time but once i view it or view it and come back to composer it always crashes…


Hi Ray,

As Seb said, you should create a new discussion with the support staff so they can investigate your issue further.


Yes will do thanks Chloe