High Score Leaderboard Help

Hi there!

I am creating a custom game in which users get to load items into a cart and get points for them.

I have the point value being logged in an excel sheet, along with the players name and email. The client wanted to have a leaderboard displayed, and I got as far as linking text to the first 3 rows of that spreadsheet. The only issue I am having is that it doesn’t sort based on whoever has the most points.

It looks like Excel isn’t able to auto sort while it is closed, is there a workaround for this without starting over in regards to the way we are keeping score?


Hi Mike,

Good news: we have a dedicated article and sample about leader board! :slight_smile:

You can find it here: Experience Tips And Tricks Section. “Excel Based Leader-board”. As you will see, it’s based on the sort action. There is also a small sample you can download in this article.

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Hi Alex,

That is awesome! I made some progress.

Only issue I am coming across is that the values seem to be inputted into excel in alphanumerical order, so for example, 1050 appears below 1000 in point value because its alphabetical.

Any guidance on this?


Hi Mike,

I tested the sample from the article, added several values (including yours, 1050 and 1000) and I don’t have any issues with sorting.

Are you sure you didn’t force “Text” formatting in your Excel file?
Score column values should be formatted as Number > General like this: