Hide Keyboard Single Trigger


It would be really nice to have one trigger that can hide the keyboard and/or exit all text input fields. (possibly as a trigger on the scene or xp)

Currently if you have multiple text inputs, you need to create a trigger for every one to exit editing mode in order to hide it. Just seems inefficient for times when you just want to hide it. If you have a form of many fields, or multiple forms within an XP it’s a bit cumbersome to keep setting these triggers. I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I always seem to do a FacePalm whenever doing the final checks on an XP and the keyboard is hanging around when it’s not supposed to.

Anyone else want this feature?

  • Yes, this will keep my palm from hitting my forehead a little less.
  • No, don’t need it. I’m a professional keyboard magician.

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