Hide Airtable API Key

I am working on an experience that uses Airtable. Thanks to @Seb’s presentation the other day, I was able to implement his wizard to copy a base and have the user enter their new API key and BaseID, so others can quickly use it with their own data… I do have bindings on the Authorization and BaseID properties of the API Explorer Interface Asset, but if I go to edit the API Explorer, I still see my API key and base id.

I have looked at the QSR Digital Menu Board and the API key there is hidden. How was this accomplished or how can I hide/mask mine?


Hi @steve,

In some of our samples we published in the Marketplace that can be used “as is”, we indeed used an internal Intuiface mechanism to hide the API / Credential keys. This is unfortunately not a feature available outside of our own accounts.

In your case, the best approach would be the one I used in the Mobile-Driven Data Entry sample. There is no base ID / API KEY saved in the experience and you can’t use the sample until you’ve been through the instructions, made your own copy of my reference base and entered your own API key / base ID into the sample.

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thanks for the information. I finally figured out how to do that, since when you first remove the API key and try to hit the Update button, the API Explorer auto sends the request and an error occurs, which removes the Update button.

In cse anyone else is interested, here is what I ended up doing. Before removing the API key, press the Update button (in the bottom right of the window), which opens a prompt window to update the specific Interface Asset. Then remove the API key, and go back to the prompt window and finalize the update.

Thanks again for sharing the Mobile-Driven Data Entry presentation. The Airtable API “wizard” was perfect for what we were trying to accomplish in our own project. We are close to releasing our next experience to the Intuiface Marketplace and it starts with a version of it.