Hi I'm looking for integrators who can help me buy hardware for Intuiface compositions in India


Hi this is Rakesh from India here,
I’m looking for integrators who can help me rent/buy hardware for deployment & maintenance in India.

Basically I’m looking at Kiosk Tables, Exhibition kiosk, Tablets, Touch Panels, Which can be used for client engagements any leads would be helpful.

Please reach out to me on mail/Whatsapp
rakeshchaturya@gmail.com | +91 99642 46222

Thanks in advance
Rakesh Chaturya


Hi @rakeshchaturya

Please do have a look at http://multitouches.co.uk for kiosks and totems

I would recommend Promultis Lighting II Touchscreen.

Kind Regards



Hi @Louie_Smith I tried accessing the link given but not able go thru I think the link is broken

Thank you for your suggestion.


I confirm, it was working 2 days ago but it’s down for me now too :confused:


@rakeshchaturya @Alex

Just having a slight technical issue… It will be back online soon.

Kind Regards