Help with AirTable Sorting - API Explorer

Is anyone having troubles with the AirTable “sort” parameter in API Explorer? For some reason, I can’t get it to work.

I’ve tried using it with/without the view parameter, and many varieties of different fields, asc/desc, spellings, and small things like spaces and quotes.

Thanks for any advice!

Hi @AlexB,

We found some information on this useful website.

To add a sort parameter in a REST query, you indeed need to add 2 parameters in the API Explorer:

  • sort[0][field] (ex: Price)
  • sort[0][direction] (ex: asc)

I’ll you test that on your side and confirm that solves your sorting issue.


Thanks Seb, I’ll give that a try!

Just used the codepen link and this has saved my life?! i was banging my head against the wall to why it wasnt in the correct order added the sort and now life is sweet!

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