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Hi Community.

I have this problem I have been dealing with for some time now. We have our own CMS were our user’s add there data, pictures or PDF’s. We then use API to recive the “files” or data (text).

One company has 10 PDF’s that they like to access on their (info)touchscreen. But the text on some of the PDF are very small so you have to “zoom in” to see the text, it’s a time schedule for a construction site,
example: Bastionen - Bygning 5 - Version 0 - A3 1.0.pdf (174.9 KB)

The problem is when you zoom in the document start’s “flying” around if your not careful, and we get a’lot of complains. They would like the document to be locked so they can zoom in.

If anyone have a solution that they think might work in our case please help out, we will make sure that there is free drinks at the ISE 2020 in Amsterdam. :wink:

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Kasper Rask
Visual Display

Hi Kasper,

Have you not tried putting it inside a scroll collection?

Here is an attached project, you don’t have to have the scroll collection that big but it will allow you to view the document without going “Everywhere”

If you need to zoom the document more simply make the document bigger than the scroll collection (5.3 MB) Have a butchers

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I’ll try it right away…

How would you add the data from the API



Have a look at this:

You can simply add that URL to make a get request to pull the links needed from the xml file using the API explorer under “Add an Interface Asset”

You can simply open the API Explorer> Copy the link> Get the request. You should see the below:

Click the enter/next button to complete the request, it will add this into the scene interface assets drag and drop that onto the scene and you should do the trick.


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Yes that i know, but how would you use it in the “scroll” function? :thinking:

Personally, I would keep everything the same that you have, but then create a hidden group on top of your collection. The hidden group contains a pin board and a PDF inside. Whenever you touch a PDF in your collection, you show the hidden group and set the PDF to the new one selected via binding.

The kicker is this, you can lock the directions of movement and zoom of the PDF using the pinboard properties. So now you have a larger, zoomable pdf that doesn’t move around so much :slightly_smiling_face:.


The other option you could do is to create your dynamic zoom bars and scroll bars. Use the Linear converter, you can use two scroll collections. One scroll collection has your scroll bar. As the scroll bar moves from right to left, the width and height of the PDF will increase/decrease proportionally. Then create other scroll bars to manipulate the x and y axis dynamically.

In this scenario, you don’t need to have a free-floating PDF in a pin board, and you don’t need to use multi-touch if that’s too hard to control. The PDF will stay where it is.

You could also do a hybrid of this by creating only the zoom-scroll bar. Then use the pin board collection that only moves the PDF…Uncheck rotate, and uncheck zoom properties. Again, you decide how much control you need the user to have.

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Hi AlexB

I have some issues converting your help in to the composer, I understand what you are writing but I’m not sure how to set it up in the composer, have you tried it yourself or do you have pictures of this how-to?