Help to integrate Magento API in to Intuiface Experience

Hi everybody,

For a Intuiface experience we need to implement a integration to the API of Magento 2. We have the access and the documentation for this only we have to less experience to integrate this ourselves in the short time that we have. Is there anyone with experience with this and that has time to help out in this topic? Please let me know!



What are you trying to do?

We have build a few experiences using Magento

Kind Regards


hi louie,

Thank you for your reply. I am actually doing this project together with another Intuiface partner . The Intuiface experience needs to reflect the data of the Magento e-commerce website.

Would you perhaps be available for a Skype tomorrow afternoon or somewhere this week to show you the project together with the other expert ? than we can explain what we are trying to achieve.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi Max,

I could help you out, i have a bit of experience with CRM API’s…