Help isolating sound from multi-media exhibits

Hello, we’re using Intuiface for interactive museum exhibits. Our setup includes multiple IA tables, each running XP’s with videos. Currently, we’re limited to using Bluetooth for audio. What methods do you use to keep video sounds separate from those listening to other experiences?

Hi @valerie,

Just to clarify, can you confirm that your question is about isolating the sound from multiple tables / devices / Intuiface XPs where 1 video is playing at a time on each of these XPs?
That’s also to confirm that you are not trying to separate audio from 2 videos running on 1 single device.

If I got this right, then it’s really a hardware question and I would suggest you ask your A/V vendor for some advice, looking into directional speakers / sound shower systems.

As you know, Intuiface doesn’t sell any hardware, but from my personal experience in several museums I’ve visited in the US, these speakers can be really impressive.