HELP. Edit a local XML file using an IA

I am trying to link an XP to a vending machine. The vending machine controller software uses an XML file to submit commands to the machine. You enter a vend command into the XML file … the vending software notices the change in the file and executes the vend command that was inserted. Both the Vending software and the XP will be running on that same PC.

I need to find a way to use triggered buttons in the XP to make edits to the local XML file. This will allow the user to press one of 20 buttons to vend a specific item.

My thought was to use a Javascript IA … one that will edit the XML file using XML DOM … inserting a specific command depending on what number button was pushed.

Does anyone have any experience doing something like this?

Does this seem like a valid solution? I’m not a Javascript person and I’ve not built my own IA before so I don’t know if what I’m thinking is possible.

All help and thoughts are appreciated.

Hi @dave,

Building your own Interface Asset, either using JavaScript or .NET is indeed the right approach.
You will need some development skills though or you can check our development service offer.


Thanks. I am interested in your development service offer … your development service offer page links to your Contact Us page … I opened a request with Technical Support as it seemed the most likely of the choices available. Is this where I should be submitting this kind of request, or is there somewhere more appropriate?