Help designing SIMPLE buttons that trigger text/color states

Hi. I am working on my project I call the “Airfield Status Display”. I want to design a user interface for an airfield. It displays airfield conditions with interactive airfield maps. I have the base design I want, but I cannot find how to do the most basic functions I need.

I want a “master slide” that displays buttons on a header and footer visible on every page. I want to be able to click on a button and just have it change simple text, for example have a button with 2 states. One state the button is labeled “05”, and the other state is labeled “23”. It doesn’t need to navigate at all. Other buttons I’d like to have text changed AND change the fill color of the button. Without these basic features, I cannot get the advanced features I want.

I also am designing an interactive parking map showing aircraft parking locations as they come and go. I would like a gallery of aircraft silhouettes (that I can provide) and be able to drag and drop those silhouettes on a map loaded in the background, when dropped, it needs to open a text box to provide input data (departure, arrival time, etc). The end user must be able to do all this.

Is this possible? If so, can anyone please provide some assistance? Is this the right software to use? I’m currently on the free version, and need a solid working prototype before I purchase. Thank you.

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Hi Timothy,

If you would like me assist you please send me a PM and we can discuss further.



Do you have any advice to post here instead of PM?

Hi Timothy,

Let’s see if I am able to help you out.
A “master slide” is an experience layer in the Intuiface world: Creating a background for your experience .
It is also possible to create buttons with 2 states (Toggle Button at Intuiface). If you put together Toggle Buttons together with some Trigger and actions with conditions, you can achieve the desired behavior.
When it comes to the interactive parking map, it is also feasible using correct trigger and actions and Text input assets.

I have created a basic XP (scene 1 buttons, scene 2 aircraft parking) to give some idea of what you can get. Hope it helps.


Simple buttons (3.1 MB)

Hi Timothy, if i read your post correctly, you want to change the formatting/ state of the text of a button, when it is pressed. You cannot set the font to change/ font color to change directly of a button title, as that property is directly not supported, however, you can use this workaround - add a text label and set it to “05”, now add a button over this text and set its color opacity to 0 (making it transparent) and deleting the text from the button. Now you have the text visible from behind the button. You can set a trigger on the button to change the text in the text label to “23” when pressed.

For fill color use the same method as above, only in this case you need to add a rectangle the same size of the text label and button and put this behind the text label - so the structure would be color rectangle - text label - button.

The button can now change the color of the rectangle & also the text when pressed … see screenshot