Headless CMS: Document Field - only PDF can be uploaded?

I want to use Headless CMS as database for Document Asset. Document asset supports XLS, PDF, XPS, PPT, PPTX etc but Headleas CMS Document Field only PDF?

Is this limit or I can’t find config option to allow Document Field Type to accept other formats ?


Hi @hrvoje,

All the formats you mention are actually supported by Intuiface Composer where, as detailed in this article section, they are all converted into a PDF format.
Intuiface Player will only render PDFs, whether they have been converted by Composer from another format or they have been embedded originally as a PDF.
Therefore, any document coming from a dynamic data source (Excel, H-CMS, 3rd party API, …) have to be in a PDF format so it can be rendered by Intuiface Player.

I’ll make sure our document asset help center article is updated so this information is more explicit & easier to find.