HCMS focus

Now that Player Next Gen is out, I hope the developers at Intuiface will focus on a simple yet essential missing feature that the HCMS needs more than anything else, IMHO. I and others requested before. I would like to be able to sort the content by any column and drag a row or a sequence of rows up or down. I am thinking of this space Tenant Directories among many would be a lot easier to manage. The potential is great, even for the non-interactive licenses. Please?

Big ticket item for us as well, Ahmed. The first step towards in-product support for sorting is to introduce Excel export. Expected sometime next month, this export option supports a variety of uses, including the ability to reorder. The idea is you export, reorder in the spreadsheet, delete the original base contents, and then import the reordered Excel (csv) file.

Of course, it’s nowhere near as convenient as in-product sorting and filtering, but it’s a first step.

In-product reordering and filtering is conceptually - as you say - simple, but execution is non-trivial. Our team needs the time to get it right. In-product features are on the roadmap for some time in the new year. I’m unsure of the timing, but we’ll keep you informed.

Thanks, Geoff. I hope you do not mind me drilling on this workaround.

What if one of my columns is videos and I have uploaded them to the HCMS, how does this workaround address this issue, since I have to remove the original base content? Please do not tell me to upload it again.

As it is, I went too deep on a not-yet-finished-let-alone-launched feature, so my answer to you is I have no idea. :slight_smile: All I can tell you is this Excel export option will be a workaround without any promise that it’ll be ideal. We’ll see! As mentioned, true, in-product reordering will arrive in the new year.

Thanks. Geoff. Patience is a virtue. We will wait. :grinning: