Having some video player issues

Sorry lots of questions guys. Many projects going on with this chicago media wall Im working on.

I have an asset grid with 2 items in it, both videos. Below them I have a support asset grid with 2 toggle buttons in it that just switches between both vids.

  1. The 2nd video in the asset is not set to autoplay in its behavior properties, but it is playing anyway when the scene is loaded.

  2. For both videos I have them set to pause when hidden. This isnt working. When you click one of the toggle buttons to get to another video, the previous video is still playing even when its not seen. Do I need to put triggers on each of these buttons to manually pause the videos?

Hi @trenken311,

For such detailed questions about your experience, I’d recommend you to contact our support team and share your experience with them. They’ll be able to look into your experience and better understand your structure / trigger&actions there.


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I think you need to add a trigger to the buttons to stop/pause the other video when its own video is playing

Not necessarily @melvyn_br, especially when using the “pause when hidden” video property.

In most of my cases, I don’t have to use this mechanism since when a user is supposed to play only 1 video at a time, I use this master/detail pattern.

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