Hardware reccommandation

Hi there!

It’s been a while, almost a year that I built my experience and due to covid we could not test it and launch it in real. Now I have to update the experiences, and luckily I got access to the Screens to test as well, but found out the Intel NUC-s are not strong enough.

I made quite a heavy experience with lot of triggers, actions, excel, videos, photos etc, everything you want.

Now I would like to ask you if the Nuc Gold Intel 10th gen i5-10210U 4.20 ghz Ram 16gb Ssd 256 gb is good enough or you recommend to buy one with an i7 processor instead?

It goes to an exhibition, all transitions, excel filtering, video playing should go fast and smooth. What do you think?

Thank you in advance!


Hi Zoltan,

What NUC’S have you tried?

Have you tried the Hades NUC? that has a dedicated GPU and we have used these before they are okay for fairly complex stuff.

Now I would like to ask you if the Nuc Gold Intel 10th gen i5-10210U 4.20 ghz Ram 16gb Ssd 256 gb is good enough or you recommend to buy one with an i7 processor instead?

One thing to test is to find out how much the GPU is being used because we have found out in the past that the standalone nuts do not cut it because they need a beefy GPU.

Link to the NUCS Hades NUC

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Thank you Louie!

Now currently we are using these:
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The one with intel i5 is so-so but the RAM is charged constantly over 80-90%
The one with Celeron, was a replacement, but the CPU runs 100% constantly while running Intuiface even if it occupied only 20% of it.

Thank you for the Hades I’m gonna look into it to compare.


You will need to have a NUC with a decent CPU and GPU.

4GB RAM for me isn’t really enough depending on your experience.

But saying that we have used a Hades NUC and sometimes this isn’t even enough. But PC spec wise we have used an i5 10500 and a GTX 1660 Ti which does the job.

Kind Regards

Hi @Zoltan and welcome back to the community!

Without knowing the content of your XP and the total resolution / screen configuration of your setup, it’s a bit difficult to answer the question.
If I just look at facts and specs, we can see here

From left to right

  • Your current PC, scoring 3.985
  • The NUC Gold you mentioned, scoring 6.536
  • My NUC device I use every day, i7-10710U, scoring 10.028

As you can imagine, the bigger the better :slight_smile:

Even if this CPU Mark isn’t perfect science to know if an Intuiface experience will run well or not, it’s a good indicator. As an example, I know that some CPUs @Louie_Smith has used on his multi-screen wall projects had a score > 20.000 (Xeon CPUs). That’s probably overkill for your project.

Don’t hesitate to give us more info about your XP and setup so it’s easier to tell you which kind of score you should be looking at.

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Yes, I checked the task manager while running the experience on both computers. On the one with i5 4GB ram, the CPU was going almost always fine, the RAM was overwhelmed, constantly over 80% use. The one with Celeron processor was dead ragarding CPU even before starting the XP and the RAM was fine. I think I have to find a good balance between CPU and RAM.

Thank you @Seb, this is amazing! :slight_smile:

Well, I run the experiences on ELO screens (4602L 46") , full HD 1920x1080 resolution.
if you don’t mind I can share a link here which shows the experience running (sorry for the embarrassing commercial content) :

I have a huge excel database of the exhibitors, with photos, location maps, sponsor logos, texts, with a lot of filtering options. There is a search scene and a pop-up adding and canceling filters on the excel. Then I have a location scene, where I do the same but based on venue, and within the venue exact location inside the building. I have videos, again from excel and on the last page I tried to use web triggers, Zapier for facebook and instagram feed, plus a web browser asset for a google form to use it as guestbook. This last page is really slow to load now.
I have to add language selection, and embedded virtual tours as next step.
I hope this help to imagine more or less.

And thank you again for this kind support and openness!


Thanks for sharing the video and project @Zoltan!

As I said above, it’s always difficult to predict an XP behavior without testing it on a given device.
Another reference I can give you is the Intel i5-8259U which we have been using here for more than 2 years for our (past…) tradeshows. They score 8315 points on CPU Mark and have been working great for us on 75’’ 4K screen by Elo, including some Excel files & filtering. That was 2 years ago :slight_smile:

As of 2021, I’d look to a CPU that scores at least 8.000 if not 10.000 on CPU Mark, they should be easy to find and not that much more expensive that ones with a 6.000 score range.

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Thank you! Definitely I’m gonna check te scores carefully!