Great news!

Today, we closed a 3.1M€/$3.7M funding round to get our product IntuiFace what it deserves: recognition and adoption at scale. We couldn’t be happier! Thank you dear Community for your support all the way! Stay tuned for more information.



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Congratulations. That’s a great news. So what are the big plans?

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Thank you @mauricio!

Thank you @kashifshamaun. Big plans to be announced in the coming weeks…

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Awesome that is GREAT NEWS. Congratulations…

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Wow @Vincent! What an amazing news indeed. So happy to see the efforts of the IntuiLab team recognized with such a big investment. Congratulations!

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Thank you Paolo @tosolini. Super excited to meet you in Amsterdam!

Thank you @raythorsky, early IntuiFace believer (Aug-12 if I remember well)!

@Vincent This is AWESOME, congratulations! Excited to see the new heights that this “rocket” will take this wonderful company and product.

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@Vincent Congratulations!!

Félicitations à vous :sunglasses: