Google Maps Option Instead of Mapbox

It’d be nice to have an option to use Google Maps instead of Mapbox.

This is because Google Places terms of service does not allow using their data on top of ‘non’ google maps.

Here’s an excerpt from Section 3.2.3 (e)

(e) No Use With Non-Google Maps. To avoid quality issues and/or brand confusion, Customer will not use the Google Maps Core Services with or near a non-Google Map in a Customer Application. For example, Customer will not (i) display or use Places content on a non-Google map, (ii) display Street View imagery and non-Google maps on the same screen, or (iii) link a Google Map to non-Google Maps content or a non-Google map.

Here’s the link to the full terms:

If we have the option to add in our own Google API Key on the new Google maps asset, then all billing goes through whoever owns the key.

Thanks for considering this option, and I feel this will keep everyone using Google Places compliant.

  • Yes, I agree we should have a Google Maps option instead of mapbox
  • Nah, don’t need it

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