Google Calendar and API Explorer


First off, this thread was a great help to get me to where I am with this,

and this primer is great as well:

but I’m still unclear on what I think are the final steps to making this work. After watching the video
by @AlexB I got really close. (thanks Alex!)

I made screen shots of each of my 14 steps which I’ll post below to verify I’m doing this correctly but also to leave for anyone in the future because this stuff is burried and 14 is a lot of steps just to GET STARTED!

1: created a new calendar

2: made it public

3: went to the google calendar API

4: enabled it

5: created credentials

6: chose “other UI” ???

7: chose “user data” ???

8: named the credentials, I went with the default here ???

9: Set product name (I used something related to the client I’m building this for - guess it doesn’t much matter)

10: Here’s a step I may be confused on - is the client ID the key that I paste into the parameter I create in API Explorer?

11: after pressing “done” I’m taken back here

12: went to reference / events / list to copy the HTTP request to paste into API Explorer

13: copied the calendar ID to paste into API explorer?

14: details and questions below

So I think I have everything right up to the last screenshot. @AlexB mentioned creating a parameter called “key” and setting it to query. That’s where I’m pasting the long alpha numeric found in my credentials tab in the Google APIs console, but the label above it says “client ID” - so maybe that’s not the “Key”? I don’t see anything else that looks like a key in there.

Also, do I paste in my calendar ID where I highlighted red on that last screenshot? Or do I make a parameter for that and if so what type?

thanks in advance for reading this and any help,


Hi @carson,

I still didn’t took enough time to dig again into @AlexB’s work but I think this could be linked to the type of security key you generated. You might to generate an API key instead of an OAuth cliend ID.



Thanks Seb!
That was it. I went here and generated one.

and to answer the question I had about pasting in the calendar ID on screenshot 14… Yes. Thats where you put that :slight_smile:


Cool! So you confirm you can access this calendar events within your IF experience?


Well, not yet. Maybe I missed a step? The name of the calendar, “Test” seems to be coming in through the “summary2” parameter but not the event title or description which are the 2 main things I need. Also, should I be able to display image attachments? If not I’ll need to go back to Airtable for this project but I want to know how to make Google work too.
This is what I got in API Explorer, what it gives me in the Scene structure and what it displays at runtime.


Hi @carson,

When you create an event in GoogleCalendar you will have to select the calendar (Test) that you have made public. Events from your “private” main calendar will not be shown on the request. I have sent you some snapshots in the support thread you have opened.



That was it. Now that I’m posting to the public one, I have all the data I need except the images are showing up with broken links and I’m afraid this is where using Google on this project might break down. My thought is, even though the attachments are posted in a public calendar, Google still wants you to be signed in to view them since they are stored in Google Drive.

I would love to be proven wrong on this but it looks like it’s back to Airtable. At least I know how to get the other data now… Thanks!

broken image links


Hey @carson,

You might wanna check if these URLs couldn’t “just” be completed with an endpoint before the final filename that I see in the snapshot you posted? Could be a “final try” before switching on Airtable.