Giphy API

Giphy API

GIPHY’s GIF library is the largest in the world and includes millions of original GIFs from across the entire internet. GIPHY’s APIs makes it easy to incorporate this vast library in Intuiface Experiences to deliver highly interactive content that is proven to increase daily engagement across all types of apps; messaging, chat, dating, creation, community, and more.

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Detailed information about this API can be found on the Giphy API page.

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how is it possible to make the Random Gif to play autonomously without having to tap it? I can’t find a proper trigger… Thank you

Hi Luca,

As it may take a little bit of time to load a full gif, the trick we use after populating the Image Asset is to:

  • change image to nothing (empty value)
  • change image to initial value (and it will start to play as it’s been loaded)

It’s odd but it works, we do it on “is tapped” trigger, you can set it on timers but it will require some tuning as it depends of the GIF weight hence, loading time.