Getting a trigger from Google Home using IFTTT



We need to show specific content on screen based on Voice command received from Google Home device and IFTTT web trigger.

An Applet is made on IFTTT however we faced difficulty to filter the voice command and pass the command to experience, below is the full scenario:

  1. user will say, OK Google, please show “phrase”
  2. IFTTT should take the phrase after the show and pass to experience
  3. we will filter the phrase and based on command will show right media on screen

Currently we mostly need your technical support and guidance in order to fine tune the IFTTT applet to filter and pass the phrase to experience, you soonest support is highly appreciated.

Thank you


Hi Ali,

did you check this demo :
We illustrate how to configure google assistant (thus any Android device or Google home device) to display a wikipedia page based on a variable phrase.
You should be able to use the same mechanism to address your need.
Please keep us informed after trying it.