Gesture detection not working (with TUIO)

Is there a reason why gesture detection (swipe for example) does not work ? When I do the swipe with the mouse it works but not with the finger. I must specify that it works on other applications.

Hi @fernand,

I lack context details to answer in a relevant manner.
What is the experience, how is it implemented, on which element, what is hardware etc?

You may want to check the dedicated article here to know more about on-screen gesture, can’t tell much with so few details except that it just works, on standard common usage.




Hi @Alex,

Thanks for the reply.
Yes, I understand … I was asking the question in case it was a fairly common problem. It does not work for me in a simple test with a rectangle and a trigger “Touch and Gestures” on it but also not work on the “creating exceptional touchscreen experience” of the marketplace (so, I don’t think it’s come from the implementation). I also thought about hardware. I use a Foil DIsplax 100 touchs (TUIO) and a PC with windows 10 Pro. After a lot of testing, I realize that the event is recognized 1 time out of 100.

Hi @fernand,

I haven’t used such a foil personally, but just for a test purpose, can you configure it to send touch events through regular HID instead of TUIO and see if there’s a difference?

Other test: do you have any software / middleware running behind the scene, like the Displax tool to detect objects? If so, can you shut it down and test again in Intuiface?

Let us know


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Thank you @Seb for the answer.
So I did some tests:

On an experiment without the TUIO Asset:

  • Disable TUIO on Foil: gesture detection works, but not object recognition (normal)
  • Activated TUIO on the Foil but not the injection of touch: gesture detection works (surprise)

On an experiment with TUIO Asset inside:

  • Activated TUIO on the Foil without touch injection: gesture detection does not work (nor when a button is pressed for example) but object recognition works.
  • Activated TUIO on the foil with touch injection: gesture detection works and object recognition too.

I put a table with the results to see more clearly.

The problem comes from there.
In conclusion, it can help, with TUIO activated on the foil, it is necessary to import the TUIO IA in the XP to be able to use the gesture detection. Whether we use object recognition or not. If object recognition is not used in the experiment, it is better to disable TUIO message from the foil.

There was some guidance on this article too:

Hi Fernand,

Thanks for this great analysis.

1 point though: adding the TUIO IA you use for object detection shouldn’t help regarding touch / gesture detection. This is completely unrelated to the way Player handles touch.
The only impact it could have is that it could “steal” the TUIO information to the player, using it to handle TUIO Objects events and not letting player retrieving the TUIO touch events.

A risk to avoid: if you have both TUIO & touch activated on the foil, and the player is set to receive TUIO touch events, you have double events that create a weird behavior.

My collegues @Mihai & @Alex from France will look into your analysis and will come back to you.