Gesture control for touchless interfaces

I sent an email to asking them if they support Intuiface for their Gesture control touchless interface. Unfortunately they do not “but we hope to soon!” Is there any news regarding this email. It seems like an interesting option!

Ultraleap has its own SDK and it’s available today. What they don’t have yet is a Windows plug-and-play option that simulates touch. As far as we can tell, that plug-and-play option would work with Intuiface just fine. We hope it’s ready soon too. :slight_smile:

@geoff, small correction, they do have a plug and play option that simulates touch, they do have something that is like a virtual touchscreen, that allows you to hover and push forward to simulate a click.

@melvyn_br I guess you’re referring to their STRATOS Inspire product, right? Yes, they say the device itself is plug-and-play, but you’d still need their developer kit (or a Unity plug-in) to generate the haptic fields that complement and map to a user interface. It would not work with Intuiface out of the box and thus does not satisfy what we would mean by plug-and-play. What Ultraleap told @mobilemedia was that real plug-and-play - plug in and use Intuiface as if there was just a regular touch screen - was hoped to be delivered soon.

@geoff no I am not referring to their Stratos range as those are too expensive and I doubt people would want to invest in those. I am referring to touch with the leap motion controller, here is the link -

We are in conversation with Ultraleap - who owns Leap Motion - and they haven’t mentioned that thing you’ve found. Looks like it was last updated in 2017 and doesn’t work on Windows 10. I wouldn’t touch that thing if I were you. Certainly, it’s not something we’ve verified to work with Intuiface.


@geoff it definitely works on windows10, you have to set it up properly. I tested it and it works, of course it takes a bit of trial and error to get the correct setting. Given the current scope of progress of virtual touch interfaces, it doesn’t hurt to test things at our end. We all want some workable solution, so if things are taking time at your end, we need to test and find something workable at our end.

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@melvyn_br You sir, are a brave man. As you can imagine, it’s not something we’d recommend to our users, but if you’re hungry and feeling up to the challenge, we wish you luck!

@geoff, haha …I guess its the urgency that pushes the limits


I just implimented this, I will be setting it up properly tomorrow and testing best method as recommended.

I’ll look to create two interface options, one simplified, and one for touch, upon user start/selection if Touchless, overlay special app specific buttons/controls, as many of my objects require scroll, and are smaller than the suggested size recommendations.

Pretty sweet!

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