Geocoding interface asset cannot find addresses


I’m relatively new to using intuiface. I am building a program that requires the basic functionality to have the user input their address which will change the viewport of the map centered on that address.

However, I cannot change the address property of either geocoding interface asset. I’ve tried binding the address property, changing it manually in the interface asset x-ray, and using triggers to change the address, all to no avail.

Examples of this frustration:
-Using the default address to coordinates interface asset, it defaults to “Tower Bridge, London, UK”. If I do not change the text at all and press “OK”, it outputs the “no result” box, indicating that it was unable to find the coordinates for the entered address, even though it was the default address example. It seems to always retain “1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy…” as its “best result”, and stubbornly doesn’t change.

-Using the coordinates to address default asset, it similarly cannot output addresses if you input coordinates.

I am using mapbox with an access token

I wonder if I’m neglecting something that is causing this. Please help!

Hi Joseph,

After investigations, it seems there is an issue communicating with Google API right now. I’ve passed the word to our Dev Team, I’ll keep you posted.
Sorry for the inconvenience.



Hey Alex,

Thanks for the quick response! I’m glad it wasn’t just an oversight by me haha.

Looking forward to the updates.

Thanks again.

Hi @nyansauce,

Actually, Google changed their API policy and our former “free” API key doesn’t work anymore. You need to use your own Google API key, probably paid one, to be able to use this service.


Oh I see. What does this mean for the pre-packaged ‘free’ geocoding interface assets? Will they be removed?

Unless we figure out a solution, we will probably remove them from the off-the-shelf Interface Assets.

If you want to change the API key, you can do so by opening the Geocode.js file and replace the existing key with yours.

Thanks! Best of luck in figuring this out.