Future of Adobe Flash support in Intuiface

Even the non-techies among you may have noticed pop-ups in your web browsers about how Adobe Flash will soon be end-of-lifed. This once super-popular technology for creating web apps will be put out to pasture on the last day of 2020. To end-of-life something means it will no longer be distributed or supported. Flash will literally disappear from the web. Websites running Flash will cease to work.

So what does this mean for Intuiface? Recall that Intuiface has a built-in Flash Animation Asset. Under the covers, this asset is a combination of Adobeā€™s Flash player running in Intuifaceā€™s Chromium-based Web Browser Asset. Will it cease to work as we enter the new year?

Yes, Intuifaceā€™s Flash Animation Asset will cease to work sometime in January 2021. This is because Adobe has designed the Flash player to cease operation. There is no workaround. As a result, we will be removing the Flash Animation Asset from Composer before the end of 2021.

Bottom line, starting in January 2021, it will not be possible for you to continue the use of Flash in your Intuiface experiences.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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