Freelancer required to build advanced image viewer element

Basically, it’s a fancy image viewer.

There are 150 set of 7 images.

Need to be able to use a slider to scroll through each set and have that set begin a slideshow immediately. Each image in the set will be on screen for 0.3 of a sec continuously going through the set, ping ponging from image 1 to image 7.

We will need to create a play and pause button and have a slider which scrolls through them when paused.

A second slider will scroll through the 150 sets.

If we are upto image 5 in a set, when we scroll to the next set it would need to start at image 5.

1 issue we need to get around is the load time. Need everything pre-loaded so that there is zero lag.

It will be running off a very powerful windows machine with good graphics cards, but still :-S

If the 150 sets becomes an issue we could drop the number of sets down significantly (as low as 18 sets) but want to aim for the full amount first.

All this needs to be built with a database, so that we can duplicate this element and load in new images.

Sounds easy hey :blush:

Be interesting to chat to you and get an idea of how much this would cost for you guys to help us out on.

Project is due for completion start March.

Look forward to speaking with you at your earliest convenience.

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Hi Andre,

Drop me a PM I will be able to help you out.

Kind Regards


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Hi Andre,

We’d be glad to assist you, we’re based in Australia.


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