Freelancer / Programmer required

I am in need of someone who can help me in creating a bespoke touch table experience for a project i am doing. I want my table to contain the following some basic and easy and some a little bit more advanced.

TABLE= Promultius Insert 65" 100 touch PCAP

  1. Starting Scene - Pref an interactive koi pond or fish tank with option to change to other backgrounds or an animated HD video.
  2. User holds finger on table - Animated menu appears with options to open small user experience layers at that point like a food menu or a mini game (also multi user so if 3 people are using table then 3 menus would open if they also held their finger down.)
  3. object recognition using tags or whatever is easiest.
  4. Ability to choose how many user screens to setup - This is a little trickier question - i want to be able to have a split screen option like 2 scenes running side by side on one scene, i was told this cant be done so would have to setup the scene to have two seperate areas next to each other with boundaries.
  5. food order menu sends email on completion or a order to a simple POS system and adds the amount to the tables running bill in a floating bill asset that adds up the table orders with the ability to click and press pay which would open a website or send bill to email or POS

sorry if i am not clear but i would like a rough price as i can do some of it but crap at design lol

Kind Regards

Hi Rob,

It’s great that you want to use one of our tables, I’ll tell you what, if you drop me a private message and I’ll be able to talk to you about this, we have built multi user experiences before and also have experiences with a POS system.

One thing that we are known for in the community is doing is Object Recognition and the fact being our table with our 3D printed tags makes it better! Have a search on the community just type “Object Recognition”

Feel free to drop me a private message but when its comes to Intuiface I think I am right in saying nobody else knows more about the table than myself which I think gives me a headstart in the development and integration.

Kind Regards



@mr.smith100285, I just happened to see your request and wanted to throw in my opinion that @Promultis is right about what he said. He’s a solid choice for your project and I’m sure designers would agree.


+1 about Louie’s expertise regarding the design of table experiences with Intuiface :wink:


Hi Rob, feel free to contact us, we can help you out here (