Freelancer / Programmer Needed

Programmer to build web with html, so I can upload it to our touch screen. It will be an interactive screen, that will bring people to another page. I will need to edit the pages easily. If you google touchscreen templates, you can see what type of site I need.

Pages to be labeled:

  1. Home (this will have several large icons to take them to the next page)
  2. Family Membership. This is one page explaining our family membership. Can have an email spot for more information.
  3. Loyalty Rewards. This is one page to explain how to gain and use rewards.
  4. This will have flashing questions about the distillery. Will ask the question, then give A B C options, then show the answer. I will want to be able to edit this for future. I will send you 5 questions to start. Then I want an easy way to edit the background image, question, and answers.
  5. Recipes. I want to be able to upload an image on the left, then have the recipe show on the right. I want to be able to rotate 5 recipes.
  6. Website. Link directly to our website
  7. Advertisers I need to be able to insert an advertiser’s information here and have it just rotate between the advertisers for 20 seconds. I want to be able to upload one image, one logo, have a spot for an address, a phone number, a website, and one sentence slogan. If someone clicks the image here, it needs to direct to the website they have listed. After going to that site, it needs to reset after 120 seconds, or 30 seconds of nothing being touched. A “Do you need more time?” can pop up after 30 seconds. At the end, flash Home (for 20 seconds), then our Facebook timeline for (60 seconds), then back to Home, then advertiser, home, advertiser facebook, advertiser, home (constantly changing screens every 20 seconds).
    8.Tour (password protect page) On the tour page - there will be a slide show for the distillery tour. The slideshow will encompass 6 pages within the “tour”.

** On ALL screens, I want a home “icon” on the bottom left page.

On the Home page, there needs to be a like us on Facebook and or Instagram. Whatever is the easiest way to get this, QR code to scan to go directly there, or just a way for them to enter their cell phone to get us to text them the profile?

Hope this helps.

Link to Facebook and Instagram, with QR code for them to scan and like us directly on Facebook.


Hi @alaskanspirits

If you would like to email we could get in touch there about your job.



I later noticed that this is not an intuiface project, but a website build

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Hi @alaskanspirits I just wanted to let you know that this category is for posting Intuiface related opportunities as much as the forum itself is about Intuiface. Good news for you though! You can build what you are looking for with Intuiface. I hope you will succeed with your project and please do let the community know if you get stuck or need help! You know the experts around here can answer pretty much any Intuiface related questions :wink:

I actually messed up and copied my posting for an html project and put it for intuiface. I have no problem using intuiface. I just need it programmed. LOL

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So you don’t mind if your project is NOT accessed from internet in a browser right ?

Pricewise I dont think you will find intuiface very competitive compared to a normal web design, I had a look at the freelance listing and those quotes were nowhere near what you would generally pay to do it in intuiface. Intuiface is in a different league altogether when it comes to the end product, which is why it will cost more than a regular web design project… just a heads up regarding costs !

In case you still want to proceed with intuiface, anyone of us here will be ready to assist you !