Freelancer / JS Programmer required


Hello everyone,

We need someone to create JS intuiface assets for us. we will be providing the JS file/ script along with the user manual.

Thank you


Hi @s.haroon,

You can might want to contact one of our partners there.
Can you tell us a bit more about the kind of Interface Asset you’d need?



Dear Seb,
sorry for the late reply.
we are looking for an Asset to send and receive commands by JS to Crestron processor.
this asset will be controlling a smart home.

we do provide smart home and automation systems using Crestron and other brands.

we have done so many projects interfaces and programming using Crestron tools, but crestron GUI tools are limited, if we achieve to let Intuiface send commands and receive feedback for that commands, that would be a game changer.

i will attached some screenshot for some Crestron GUI made by us using Crestron tools.


Crestron used to work with Intuiface to create some Interfaces on Windows platform, using a .NET Interface Asset they built themselves.

Seeing your snapshots, I understand this must run on different platforms such as iPads, explaining the need to use JS.
If I understand correctly, you already have a JS library that handles the communication with Crestron, right? What kind of protocol does it use?

The main difficulty when realizing such Interface Assets is that we don’t have any Crestron controller to test the code.
If you could share this JS Library with, publicly or privately, and give us some indications about how you’d like to use this library from Intuiface, we could maybe evaluate the workload.



Sure, i would love to share the JS code along side with the HTML interface.
well let me put it that way, in Crestron Websocket there are 3 types of data TCP/UDP ( Digital, Analog and Serial )

i want to be able to give the Asset an host name / IP Address of crestron processor along with the port to make the connection.
then i want to be able to send / and receive one of the (Digital, Analog and Serial) to the processor on button trigger / action. or on any Intuiface element action or trigger.
i can give you an access to our crestron processor so you can connect and test. CRESTRON HTML AND (2.2 MB)
CCI Websocket Server v1.0 Help.pdf (99.1 KB)