Freelance Intuilab Professional Available for Projects


Hello, if you’re looking for a freelance IntuLlab professional for your next multi-touch project, I’m available to help. I’ve been developing complex experiences using the IntuiLab software since it was release a few years back. I’ve contributed to a lot of the new feature releases within the IntuiLab community and have helped global brands launch rich interactive experiences. Please contact me to discuss your next project.

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Hi Arthur,

Thanks for posting this call! Do you have a couple of url (pics, videos, etc.) that showcase your work? I think this might help.



Arthur, Thanks for your post. Do you have some examples of work that are available to review? How do you charge for your services?


Don’t hesitate to tag a user like @art when you want to ask him a question like @nate just did :smile:

BTW @art, could you maybe share 1 or 2 of the experiences you created using a public link? We will only be able to play it without seeing your secret recipe in Composer.


@art - I have an Intuiface project that we will need some help with. What is the best way to get in touch with you - will need a quote asap. Thanks! Cameron


hello @Vincent, unfortunately the projects I produced were all for global retail brands who prefer that I don’t show them publicly.

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Hi @cfulton please send me an email with your project description to and I will review and provide an estimate. We can also exchange phone contacts via email.

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Hi @Seb, unfortunately I don’t have any projects I’m able to share publicly at this time. All of my work was for hire for large global brands that prefer I not share their work publicly.

Anyone interested in contacting me for freelance work can reach me at

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Hi @nate, unfortunately the projects I produced were all for global retail brands who prefer that I don’t show them publicly. I would love to discuss your project and see if I can help in any way. Please send me an email at

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@art are you still available to help create an interactive presentation? I’m looking for a standardised template and/or a presentation for sales demonstrations. Is this something you can help us with?


I am i have PM’ed you.


Absolutely James. Please email me directly with your project details so I can provide you with an accurate estimate. Looking forward to working with you. Thank you.