Free Player Water Mark - Move to Top Right


I use the Share Via URL option a lot to help clients see an XP before it goes live. It really speeds up the QA/Testing side of things when they can see the real thing.

Having a watermark is just fine, I completely understand why it’s there. I’d just like it to be moved to the upper RIGHT, or top center if possible.

Lots of times navigation is on the bottom, and the watermark tends to cover it up so they can’t access certain buttons. I feel the upper right or top middle is not as “active” as a screen position. (top left often has a logo on most digital displays, bottom right and bottom middle would have the same issue with navigation.)

Anyone else agree that this would help them?

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I agree, however it should be an option,
I develop for portrait screens that are about 1.9m tall, and can’t put navigation down the bottom because its unreachable, so bottom right suits me fine.
there could be an option box in the project settings.